The Chicago Stirring Project

An online video mosiac of Chicago. Made by Chicagoans.
To give the world a true glimpse of our heart, soul and character.

How The Chicago Stirring Project was born.

As you may know, Chicago is a finalist to host the XXXI International Olympic Games here in 2016.

The ultimate decision will be made by the Olympic Committee in October of 2009. We think winning that bid would be a great thing for our people. And our pride.

To win the bid, however, means convincing the world that Chicago is the kind of place worthy to host the Games.

While our city's leaders are currently working tirelessly to showcase to the Olympic Committee our infrastructure, capabilites, and imagination, we need so show the world one more facet of ourselves. Our character.

And that is how The Chicago Stirring Project came to be.

Our goal is to use the global communication power of the Internet to visually demonstrate to the entire world our heart, soul, and will in an effort to change the way the world sees us.

We plan to do that by showing the world how we see ourselves. On a scale that no city has ever before attempted. To that end, we intend that all the content to be created by Chicago's very own people.

The Chicago Stirring Project plans to broadcast, over the Internet, a new video a day, every working day, from now until the Olympic Committee makes there decision two years from now. All created by Chicago's citizens and supporters.

And each video can be shared, linked or emailed to anyone else in the world. Our goal is to create the largest and more diverse visual mosaic of a single city ever assembled.

If you'd like to be part of our project by creating a short video about Chicago, click here. If you'd like to volunteer to help in other ways, click here. To learn more about the kind of video's we're looking for, click here.