The Chicago Stirring Project

An online video mosiac of Chicago. Made by Chicagoans.
To give the world a true glimpse of our heart, soul and character.

To show the world the real Chicago,
we want videos from real people.

The Chicago Stirring Project is dedicated to showing the world Chicago's beauty, character, diversity, culture, friendliness and competitive spirit. In our mind, we are open to just about any subject matter that includes our friends, families and neighbors, our work, our celebrations, and our magic moments. We're looking for videos about topics big and small. Everything from the grand expanse of Millennium Park to a baby's first step. From a neighborhood softball game to a 45,000 person Marathon race.

We want profiles of larger than life characters, and intimate insights to the smallest and most precious of moments.

Share with us your chuch choir. Your bocce ball team. Your grandfather who can roll his tongue. Your co-worker who can juggle staplers.

Anything that lets the world know our uniqueness and our personality. Our sense of humor and sense of responsibility. Our flaws and our strengths.

On some occasions, The Chicago Stirring Project may be required to edit some material, or add a title or two to bring to message around to the topic of Chicago and what it stands for.

To see some examples, watch the videos we've already posted. If you need more information on contributing videos contact us at 312 644 5551. Or email us here.