The Chicago Stirring Project

An online video mosiac of Chicago. Made by Chicagoans.
To give the world a true glimpse of our heart, soul and character.

Everyone is invited to help show the world the true spirit of Chicago.

The Chicago Stirring Project works with Nology Interactive to storehouse, edit, and stream the videos you see on the site.

Additional help is needed in the area of sourcing rights released music that we can use to add flavor and character to submitted videos.

We also need editorial help as our video volume grows. Editors experienced in Final Cut Pro are also invited to contribute their time.

Public Relation professionals that can help spread the word to the media, film production organizations, Chicago's education system, and video making enthusiasts are also needed.

This is all about Chicagoans working together to help Chicago.

Please contact us at 312 644 5551 with any questions or offers of help. Or email us here.