Mary Beth Hughes
Jim Courtright

Founded by a team of ad agency and
broadcast production veterans, partners
Mary Beth Hughes and Jim Courtright
founded Big Thinking By The Hour, Inc.
in 2004.

Their vision of helping brands create
strategic Web-based video content to
support their Internet marketing is
catching fire today.

Developing custom video content for the
web is a new discipline whose time has
come, and Big Thinking By The Hour is
uniquely qualified to deliver it.

That's because their experience in
writing, producing, and integrating
video content to meet strategic brand
objectives is coupled with an insightful
knowledge of how people use the Web.

Their team has written and produced
hundreds of traditional TV spots and
many longer-form programs for
broadcast over the years. But always
with an eye to integrating innovative
strategic insights to help build brands
for sponsors and clients alike.

Now they're focusing their talents on
one area, with one objective.

To become the preeminent creators of
strategic Internet video content, designed
around the way people Web.