Outside of the bumps and bruises you might get by banging
your head on the side of a pool during laps, or having the
daylights beaten out of you in the water during a crowded 3000
person triathlon, swimming is generally considered the most
injury-free whole body workout you can do.

Swimming works the arms, legs, core stomach and back areas
and significantly affects your overall cardiovascular health. It
improves flexibility, relieves stress, and with its many different
strokes, can be used to tone and strengthen any number of
muscle groups.

If you’ve never been a swimmer, of course it makes sense to
take lessons from a qualified trainer or accredited local swim
program when you start out. Check the links at the left for some
local programs that might just fit the bill for you. As with any
exercise program, check with your doctor first before starting
and follow any directions or advice they give you.

After your first six weeks of 2-4 times-a-week training, expect
to see a nice jump in your ability to add distance and reduce
your lap times. As with running, soon you will be able to swim
for an almost unlimited length of time or distance as you
continue training for an entire year.