Running may be the simplest yet most immediately rewarding
sport you can participate in. All you need is the three S’s-shorts,
shirt, and shoes. And you can skip the shoes part if you are lucky
enough to have a relatively debris-free beach nearby.

Runners can start small and graduate quickly. It can take only
about 6 weeks for a novice to go from barely puffing and panting
their way around the block to running 2, 3, even 4 miles at an
ever-increasingly brisk pace. And from that first plateau, generally,
the sky is the limit. Based on your age and general health, most
dedicated runners can go from mile one to Marathon mileage
in less than a year.

Of course, check with your doctor before beginning any new
exercise program, but once you start running, you’ll find some
amazing changes in your physiology.

Expect to develop a far lower resting heart rate, improved
cardiovascular health, a marked increase in your daily energy,
better sleep patterns, and a reduction in your stress levels. And
then there’s the endorphins, the natural chemical your body puts
out as you do aerobic exercise that gives you what’s called the
“runner’s high”. Expect to get addicted to it and look forward
to longer and better runs for years to come.