Big Thinking meets small screens

For 10 years, we’ve created strategic video content for brands to share on websites and across social media.

Now brands need to develop new strategies and content for wireless devices beyond broadcast TV. Game on.

This year was the tipping point. Americans now spend more time watching video on devices than on their TV screens. But brands still pretend people watch video on devices the same way they watch TV. Nothing could be more wrong.

No more interrupting

Mobile devices give consumers far more power over what they watch, and when they watch it, than ever in history. Consumers vote with their fingers now. Often by zapping interruptive commercials, responding with immediate feedback, and asking questions they want answered right now.

Enter branded content

Brands need to find ways to deliver content for all the new ways people use devices. That means developing new content strategies beyond
pre-roll ads. Why not prepare engaging content that answers FAQs? Why not create video content that turns a brand message into entertainment?  Why not make branded content people want to see and share, vs. interruptive commercials?

Not all brands will arrive at the same answers to these questions. Because each brand will have a different strategy, based on their unique benefits, audience, positioning, and competition.

Strategy. Insight. Creative.

Beyond new strategies for creating an entire landscape of video content that can be streamed to consumers as they demand it, brands also need insights into how they overlap the lives of their customers who are now armed with mobile devices always at their sides. Do your customers interact with your brand every day? Once a week, once a month?

Insights like this can help you understand how often you need to reach out to consumers, and with what messages. And, how to find a creative way to make the message relevant and Shareworthy®

How did Big Thinking end up on small screens?

For that answer, you’ll have to visit the rest of our site, which we call 10 Years of Big Thinking in 10 Days. We summarized an entire decade of our online video-creating expertise in 10 pages, one page for each year we’ve been in business. Feel free to browse around. We made all our content as fun as we could.

And isn’t that the Big Lesson?

Probably the best example ever of product demonstration becoming pure entertainment.

Check out Blendtec with their hundreds of millions of views. Wish we’d done it.

Brands need to change how they talk to people.

It will take radical new insights,

strategies, and creative approaches.

Want to watch Pharrell Williams sing “Happy”? You’ll have to wait.

Some brand wants to interrupt what you want to watch. How happy does that make you?